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Welcome to the forefront of international trade dynamics at ANGC. As trade strategists, we specialize in navigating the intricacies of global transactions, fortified by 3 years of proven expertise. At ANGC, we don't merely interpret trade policies; we architect compliance strategies. Elevate your trade experience with our unmatched proficiency in securing permissions and strategically manoeuvring policy landscapes.

Proudly reigning as the uncontested- best in consulting across Madhya Pradesh, we are now steadfastly channeling our energy into becoming the benchmark in trade consultancy. Our commitment is to not just adapt to trends but to pioneer innovative solutions that optimize your trade operations.

With a focus on optimizing your global trade operations, we align our expertise to deliver unparalleled solutions.

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Explore our comprehensive services:

  • Export and Import Finance Solutions

  • Currency Risk Management

  • Regulatory Compliance Support

  • Market Intelligence and Expansion Strategies

  • Product Development and Quality Enhancement

  • Sales Optimization and Market Penetration

  • Cross-Border Partnerships and Alliances

  • Efficient Documentation and Financial Assistance

EXIM Start-up Services

Export Import License Management

Corporate Identity Establishment

Social Media Profiling

Global Market Research

Documentation and Registration

Networking and Partnership Building

Commercial Guidance

Export/ Import Empowerment Suite

  • 🚀 Holistic Strategy Development
  • 📊 Insightful Shipment Reports
  • 🌐 Proactive Customer Engagement
  • 🌎 Global Presence Amplification
  • 💼 Commercial Negotiation Mastery
  • 📈 Duty Benefit Solutions Expertise
  • 💼 Monthly Overview Meetings

DGFT Services

  • Assistance with Export Incentive Schemes
  • Support for Export Promotional Schemes
  • Incentives for Deemed Exports
  • Benefits for Service Exports
  • Facilitation for Policy Relaxation & Grievance Clearance

Management Services

  • Seamless EXIM Business Process Outsourcing (E2E)
  • Efficient System Implementation for Exports & Imports Documentation
  • Expert Indirect Tax & EXIM Strategic Management
  • Legal Opinion on Indirect Tax Laws and Procedures
  • Trusted Corporate Advisory Services
  • Optimization of Indirect Costs for Increased Efficiency

Customs Services

  • MOOWR Compliance Solutions
  • IGCRD Facilitation
  • Assistance with IGST Refunds
  • Expertise in Drawback All Industry Rate & Brand Rate
  • AEO Registration & Ongoing Monitoring
  • RFID, Digital Signature & EDI Solutions
  • Customs Refunds, SVB Refunds, SVB Order Assessment & Renewal
  • Proficient Transfer Pricing Services
At ANGC, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions to meet your specific export-import needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to simplifying complexities and maximizing your business potential. Partner with us for seamless global trade success.

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Key Sectors Of Exports of Madhya Pradesh

Agri- business & Food Processing

Automobile and Engineering




Renewable Energy


Top commodities Exported From MP Commodity group Commodity group Total Exports Apr'22 - Mar'23 ($Mn) Mar - 23 Exports ($Mn) Mar - 23 Exports ($Mn)
1 Engineering Goods 1,921.67 156.97
3 Cotton Yarn/Fabs./Madeups, Handloom Products Etc. 1,582.65 146.5
2 Drugs And Pharmaceuticals 876.59 82.76
4 Oil Meals 590.38 104.93
5 Organic and Inorganic Chemicals 530.32 65.4
6 Rice 362.51 47.04
7 Man-Made Yarn/Fabs./Madeups Etc. 298.82 24.16
8 Plastic And Linoleum 259.7 25.11
9 Cereal Preparations And Miscellaneous Processed Item 158.58 15.11
10 Spices 82.48 7.86