Mission, Quality & Values


ANGC Group India Pvt Ltd. prides on providing aspiring and diversifying enterprises in India with 360-degree ease of doing business consultancy services.

ANGC believes in milestone-based delivery solutions that are completed within the time range specified.

ANGC aspires to deliver AI-enhanced solutions via a digitally enabled platform by bringing together specialists from various industries. It has delivered 1000+ consumers to date and plans to deliver 10,000+ customers each year to assist Aatmanirbhar Bharat activities.


ANGC Group India Pvt Ltd. is dedicated to exceeding clients' expectations in terms of service quality and dependability. We have well-defined SOP (standard operating processes) to ensure consistent client satisfaction.

Methods and processes have been created for various project management, project implementation, life cycle, and customer relationship monitoring. For each phase of a method or procedure, there are established processes for inspection and reviews, documentation, configuration management, and change management. We recognise that meticulously operating a quality management system supports efficient and effective corporate performance with reduced error risk.


ANGC Group India Pvt Ltd. seek to maintain complete fairness. integrity. equality, and honesty while delivering the committed services

Our core business values centers on quest towards ensuring good corporate relationships and follows the corporate mantra for:

  • Proper customer satisfaction, constant improvement and consistent involvement
  • Constantly and reliably delivering products and services of highest standard of quality
  • Keeping pace with consistent need for innovation while keeping up with the modern technology and methodology.